Altenew Product Release - Mini Delight: Polar Bear

Altenew Product Release - Mini Delight: Polar Bear

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I really jumped at the chance to make a sample card with this adorable Polar Bear Mini Delight for the IG Hop from Altenew. The best part was the guessing game when everyone wanted to know what I used for the background! Some of you guessed a dryer sheet, interfacing, tissue paper or just torn paper. I had you all guessing and that was really fun for me.

It was so fun to find interesting materials to use for the die cutting since I don't have a lot of supplies on hand at my home, most of the supplies I have are more mixed media focused, I really am so new to card making

I looked around my craft cave and I found I had a package of iCraft Mixed Media (from the shop) and as I looked at it I realized it would make the PERFECT background for these cards! It also cuts beautifully with the polar bear die in this set and I was able to make this adorable bear.  The tricky part was figuring out how to glue it to the cards, I ended up using some wet glue, but be aware it's thin and porous so the glue may remain tacky until it dries and it may show through a little.


Well, I couldn't stop after just one card, I had to keep going. So I cut two more bears and used some Distress Ink (from a mini ink pad) in Ground Espresso, mixed with a little water, to tint the other bear brown. I stamped the face on the correct side then flipped it over and traced it with my Altenew Fine Liner pen! Boom, now you have two bears giving each other snuggles!

So there you have it, the amazing result of making these cute cards and the secret to the white fluffy background. Although I think a dryer sheet would also work really well, if we actually used dryer sheets in our house.

Oh and the blue background paper is from a 12x12 sheet of Enveloprint Night Blue.

I actually have NOT put in an order for the Polar Bear Mini Delight yet, it wasn't available to order before the IG Hop BUT I'm putting in another order with Altenew at the end of this week so I should have it available soon.

Don't forget there is a 10% site wide sale going on right now and as we get closer to Black Friday the savings get bigger but the selection gets thinner! Here are the details of the Holiday Savings Event:

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Had to check to see how you made the bears and background. Was not familiar with the iCraft media. I guessed mulberry paper.

Linda BL

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