Two Worlds Collide - Paper Crafts and Stitching

Two Worlds Collide - Paper Crafts and Stitching

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Stitched Paper

As I started to explore paper crafts (and spent two months of my life counting individual sheets of pattered scrapbook paper), I sort of fell in love with these cut apart journaling cards. Well, that meant that I had to bring home a few (or 10), but I was still kind of at a loss about what the heck to do with them!

I don't make scrapbooks (yet, although if I could figure out the logistics of printing my photos, I might give it a real go), and I'm not a big card maker (yet) although I do think the 4"x6" images on some of the pages would be perfect for card fronts!  

So as I was sitting at my desk on Sunday, just as the Sewcial hour before the meeting was about to start for the Gulf Coast Modern Quilt Guild, I decided to just start cutting apart some of these journaling cards, I'm a big fan of cut it apart to make it less "precious" and easier to know what to do with it!

Then as I was cutting the pieces apart, I spied my sewing machine and it hit me! I CAN SEW ON PAPER! Yes! Every time I see a post on Instagram of a journal with stitching, or some sort of fiber on it my heart just starts to flutter! And to add to that, one of my favorite things is when Adele from Inkie Quill draws a little "doodle-y border" on her pages. So I thought "What if I created a doodle-y border with thread?" 

I have to say I absolutely loved the result! 

In fact, I enjoyed it so much I did a video of me stitching a card and added some super fun music. You can click the video to watch or go directly to my YouTube channel to subscribe for more fun videos which will be added soon!


Here are some tips I learned when stitching on paper: 

1) increase your stitch length so that you aren't actually perforating the paper as you stitch

2) if you have an inner voice who just won't shut up, tell them to be quiet because this about having FUN!

3) there are no paper stitching police who are going to tell you that you did it wrong, THERE IS NO WRONG way to stitch paper!

4) Use up whatever thread you have around you, it really DOES NOT MATTER!


So, thanks for reading this far, tell me, have you ever stitched on paper? Does this make you want to give it a go? 

Stay tuned for another Blog Hop Post next Wednesday!


Happy Crafting,

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I sew on my scrapbook layouts all the time. It’s so easy! I especially enjoy using the zigzag stitch. The texture it adds to my layouts is worth getting it out and setting it up.


I’ve always loved to try this but I have a fear of the needle just jumping and getting some crazy injury. I have had the courage to make banners with just a touch of the paper sewn, thanks for the inspiration! I may perhaps give it a “better” try.


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