Lindy's Stamp Gang - Prairie Wildflowers Sidekick Shots (3 shots)

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Our amazing new sidekick shots are just what you need to compliment your Starburst set, magical, Color Shots, and matching embossing powder!
These shots are all in wide mouth 2oz jars, just like their Color Shot cousin.  Add water, &/or rubbing alcohol for painting, (or a combination of the two for quicker drying watercolor paints), or any art medium for personalized mediums for mixed media.
 Each sidekick contains 1 Glitz Spritz, (just the shimmer), 1 Moon Shadow Mist, (sepia toned spray with shimmer) and 1 Flat Fabio, (just our luscious color).  We have matched these sprays with their Starburst partner, so they will be the perfect compliment, (or "sidekick") to that set! 
The Prairie Wildflowers Sidekick Shots Set includes:
Glitz Spritz- Royal Peacock Fire
Moon Shadow Mist- Mystic Malachite
Flat Fabio- Hibiscus Rose


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