Peerless Watercolor - JoAnns Palette (15 colors)

Peerless Watercolor - JoAnns Palette (15 colors)

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Fifteen colors specifically selected for Joanne Sharpe's color classes. These colors are sure to knock your socks off. Although these 15 colors are contained within the Bonus Pak, we have created this smaller set for those who have an eye for the BRIGHTS! The colors include TURQUOISE BLUE, PEACOCK BLUE, ROBINS EGG BLUE, FORGET ME NOT BLUE, JACKQUEMINOT PINK. AMETHYST, VIRIDIAN GREEN, OLIVE GREEN, GRASS GREEN, GOLDEN YELLOW, DAFFODIL YELLOW, BISMARK BROWN, BUTTERFLY WING BLUE, ALIZARINE RED, ARBUTUS RED.

Joanne Palette - Set of 15 colors



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