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Piece Craft Love

Piece Craft Love - PAID MEMBERSHIP - 6x8 Album Makers Society (Charter Member)

Piece Craft Love - PAID MEMBERSHIP - 6x8 Album Makers Society (Charter Member)

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I'm sure you're wondering what this $50/year will get you and I am absolutely DYING to tell you!

Member Discounts:

  • 50% discount on LIVE album class registration (Non Member Price $20)
  • 20% off Class Supply Kits for each album 
  • LIVE class is FREE when you buy the kit from me (1/2 price for non-members)

Exclusive Member Only Benefits:

  • The newest 6x8 Album Instructions whenever they are released (sent via email) 
  • All the instructional PDFs for previously released 2022 Album classes
  • Early bird registration for LIVE album classes (think: October Album, Documenting December)
  • Early bird access to PURCHASE Class Supply Kits
  • Monthly members only virtual meet up 
  • Private online community to share ideas and ask questions ANY TIME 

    Oh but wait, there is more! 

    Since you are a CHARTER member, your membership price will ALWAYS be $50 per year (billed in August), even if the price goes up for everyone else! 

    If you choose to leave the program and return later on, the price will be whatever the new member price is at that time. 

    Member Exclusive Discounts end immediately if you cancel your membership.

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